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Spreading Mulch

Want to keep a well maintained exterior and always green?

Spreading mulch can beautify, nourish and provide protection to your lawn.

Mulch cover is an important part of the life cycle to good lawn care. But what is mulch? Is a layer of organic material that is spread over the surface of the ground, flowerbeds and around trees.  It is full of nutrients and has many important properties such as preventing soil erosion, maintaining moisture, and preventing weed growth.

What are the benefits of the installation of mulch?
  • Reduces evaporation from the soil and conserve the water.
  • In hot weather it is effective in keeping the surface roots of plants cooler
  • In cold weather it keeps the soil temperature.
  • Stabilizes soils and prevents erosion.
  • It also keeps the moisture in the soil and prevents plants from becoming drought stressed.
Mulch is a material that provides these benefits when properly spread over landscape beds.

Protecting your plants means protecting your soil from drought, changing temperatures and weeds. It also involves providing your soil with valuable nutrients. We have the talent and equipment needed to take care of all your commercial and residential landscape needs.

We provide exceptional lawn care services. Let us help!

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